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The academic mission of Bergen County Christian Academy mandates that the school maintain high standards of academic excellence rooted in the Christian worldview to ensure students “are prepared for collegiate success and equipped to lead lives of integrity and influence for Christ.” This mission begins when a student enters Kindergarten and continues at each grade level. Therefore, in regard to the Common Core State Standards and any other nationally recognized academic standard, BCCA holds the following position.

BCCA will evaluate all standards through the philosophical foundations of Christian school education to ensure that all students are effectively educated.

BCCA will filter all standards through a biblical worldview as the highest standard and only align with outside standards to the extent that the school’s mission and worldview are uncompromised while being prepared to identify and explain the points of conflict.

BCCA will determine, based on a standards review, to what degree CCSS match the school’s grade level content and skills as reflected in the curriculum mapping process. BCCA will determine in which areas the school generally matches, exceeds, or chooses not to incorporate the standard and be prepared to offer rationale for each decision.

Curricular quality is not determined by a set of standards or a textbook. Curriculum is determined by qualified, well-trained Christian teachers who have determined what knowledge, content and skills are necessary to fulfill the academic mission of BCCA in all content areas.

BCCA will remain aware of current trends in education and use them as informational pieces in determining how to best prepare students for success in the future. The BCCA Academic Administration evaluates curriculum on a scheduled basis. BCCA faculty will continue to equip our students academically from the biblical perspective to prepare them to lead lives of integrity and influence for Christ.

Upper School academic departments include English, mathematics, history, science, Bible, fine and performing arts, and world languages. The administration provides educational leadership and supervises the functioning and development of each department and its faculty members. Lead teachers work closely with the administration and share an educational vision aimed at improved instruction and increased student learning. 

The curriculum offers several levels of courses including Advanced Placement
(2017-2018), Honors, Standard, and Basic.

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